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Didi Priyadi
Genrespop punk/powerpop, pop rock, progressive metal, avant-garde metal, gothic metal, death metal, grindcore
Occupation(s)Musician, songwriter, producer
InstrumentsGuitar, vocals, drums, drum machine, keyboards, bass
Years active1995–present

Didi Priyadi is a musician and songwriter from Jakarta, Indonesia who is most notable for his brief stint as a guest guitarist for avant-garde metal band Kekal,[1][2][3] his pop punk band Happy Day,[4] and for his role as front man for progressive goth metal band in Memoriam.[5] He runs the independent record label FullBlast Music for Happy Day.[4][6]

In addition to his work with various bands, Didi has written radio jingles, company theme songs, children's songs for TV programs and drama productions, and has also composed the score for a horror movie called Enam.


Didi Priyadi started in music with organ lessons when he was 10, and was introduced to rock and roll when he was 15. He became a metal fan in his teenage years and started listening to more extreme music. In his college years he formed a Christian rock band called Cross, which became a national winner in a YAMAHA Band Alert competition. Currently, he is the singer/guitarist for Happy Day, runs the solo metal project Grindinghand, and fronts the band in Memoriam.[7] In 2009 he formed another band with former In Memoriam keyboard player, Reynold Silalahi, a band which has avant-garde and experimental duo, NG, then a full format band Kelakar. His recent activities is now with his newly formed band in 2018 called Pentagressive

He has been involved in the entertainment industry since 1996 when he wrote children’s songs for a TV program called Bendi, which aired on RCTI.[7]


With Pentagressive[edit]

  • Chariots of Fire! (single) – 2019
  • Come Together (single) – 2018
  • "Alive" (single) - 2018

With Kelakar[edit]

  • Mari Kita Mulai !! – 2015
  • The Colonel – 2017

With NG[edit]

  • Monster I've Been – 2009

With in Memoriam[edit]

  • The Ghosts of Ancient Patriots(single) on "Indonesia Maharddhika" Compilation – 2012
  • Come Back to Life (album) – 2009

With Kekal[edit]

With Happy Day[edit]

  • Na Na Na Na (single) on "Berpacu Dalam Melodic" compilation – 2005
  • Ini Musik Gue !! – 2006
  • MAKSA – 2010

With Cross[edit]

  • Cross – (2000)
  • Set Me Free – (2003)


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  • [3]d they released 2 independent albums. The second album "Set Me Free" [4] has Didi took the role as the lead vocalist.