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Welcome to the Wiki Archive! We're similar to Deletionpedia, but two major difference is that we rescue both articles for deletion (AfDs) and most speedy deletion articles on Wikipedia and that we rescue deleted articles on every wiki. We currently have 4,360 articles.

What we archive[edit]

We archive every page on every wiki, except for the page types listed below.

What we do not archive[edit]

There are some articles that we do not archive. These include the following:

  • Copyright violations
  • Attack pages
  • Pages deleted by user request on the wikis they came from

If you see pages of these kinds, add the {{remove}} template on them so an administrator can delete them. Do not use the {{delete}} template.

You can help too![edit]

The best part about this wiki is that you can help us archive content! Here are some links to help you get started:

Number of articles we have archived from wikis[edit]

  • Wikipedia: 4,134
  • TV Tropes: 10