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NOTE: This wiki is not an encyclopedia; it is an archive of content deleted from many wikis. All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Welcome to the Wiki Archive! We're a wiki dedicated to the preservation of content from every wiki. Feel free to browse 4,360 archived articles.


  • September 5, 2022: Today at around 10:25AM (CST), the English Wikipedia hit zero items in its speedy deletion category. This is a huge milestone!

Archiving process

To archive a page, ArchiverBot will copy a page for deletion on Wikipedia and posts it here. The bot isn't working right now, but stick around!

For information on archiving pages manually, see this page.


  1. Please do not add pages unless they are nominated for deletion on any wiki. Any article that was not nominated for deletion will be deleted. This applies to spam pages that are not nomainated for deletion whose only content is something like "hgfdfghjkiueytgfvd".
  2. Please do not add pages like the following:
    • Attack pages. These are hostile toward a person or persons, and they will be deleted.
    • Copyright violations. We cannot archive these for legal reasons.
    • Duplicate pages. The content on these is not in danger of being deleted, so these don't need to be archived.
    • Redirects. These break on here.
  3. Do not vandalize pages. This includes removing content and adding unnecessary categories.
  4. Please do not remove the delete templates from pages. These are needed for categorization.
  5. If you add pages for deletion, put them in the right namespace (Wikipedia or Wikipedia Draft for Wikipedia articles).

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